No holidays for our team members!
16/08/2019 | News

While the month of August is in full swing, the Team Members are all very active this summer! Robin is in the resort to ride an enduro mountain bike, Arnaud rode twice on an enduro mountain bike with our customers this week, Clément finds sensations in tennis (former 2/6 it's starting to send) Rémi manages & plans the 15 days of Christophe's family (Christophe also challenged Rémi on a tennis court on Sunday, maybe the match will be broadcast on LA TOUPIE BLEUE TV 😁) ……. and Julien wins a padel tournament on Tenerife 👏!! ! Expatriate on the island for 8 years now, he is necessarily totally impregnated with Spanish padel culture. In addition to his Spanish padel coaching diploma, he is well on his feet to win as a "right player" a great tournament in the club that hosts your padel courses! Our team members are therefore obviously superb teachers but above all remain passionate about sports themselves. See you soon with them for new adventures! Julien is available all year round on Tenerife: 👉 GO! Clément and Rémi are waiting for you for a special "yellow ball" course in Monaco on All Saints' Day: 👉 GO!