Live a sporting holidayA sports weekend, a sports course or sports tourism...

Listening to your expectations

Listening to your expectations, La Toupie Bleue will accompany you from the inspiration phase to the realization of your project. She will finally be there to make you live your sports trip.

The team members , as professionals in the supervision of physical and sporting activities, will be the guarantors of the success of your stay.

The blue spinning top creates the link between two passion sectors: Travel & sport

The company wants to be a reference in sports travel since it is registered Atout France as a travel company while coming from the “sport” universe.

It creates, markets and accompanies its own sports trips. Thus, we are in contact with our customers as well as suppliers and partners. La Toupie Bleue meets, selects its hosts, restaurants, sports supervisors (…) to offer a quality service to its customers.

Based in Fréjus

Based in Fréjus, the company offers its sports tourism packages in the Jura, Var, Alpes Maritimes, Sierra de Guara, Tenerife and Barcelona.

Depending on your sport theme, the desired physical intensity, the targeted geographical area, La Toupie Bleue will always work to provide you with a turnkey, reliable, quality solution.

Looking forward to chat with you

Looking forward to chatting with you and welcoming you with friends, family, colleagues, club members (...) for a successful travel experience.

La Toupie Bleue is already playing on Spotify in music, on Instagram in pictures & on Facebook in news!

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