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"With La Toupie Bleue, I take you to discover our beautiful region.
This pooling of skills makes it possible to develop tourism and sports products that meet the requirements of our customers in terms of quality."

Spoken language(s) : French English

Localization : Trans in Provence

Diplomas in the supervision of physical and sports activities : > BPJEPS VTT

Sports of choice : Passionate about cycling for a long time, I practiced in all kinds of disciplines (road, cross country, bmx, downhill).
I have specialized for ten years in enduro, a complete category which requires a large technical and physical background.

In a few words : State monitor in extreme sport for more than 20 years, I put these years of experience to good use by opening my own structure in the mountain biking sector.
In love with my region, I make discover our immense wild territory or meander magnificent trails adapted to the practice of mountain biking through hiking.
Engaged in regional and national competition, I train young people in associative clubs, and thus perhaps, ensure the succession of our French champions.


"I look forward to sharing with you my passion for sport & my good humor".

Spoken language(s) : French, Spanish, English.

Localization : Frejus – VAR

Diplomas in the supervision of physical and sports activities : > Educateur sportif
> CQP tennis
> Secouriste au travail

Sports of choice : I have been passionate about tennis since I was very young. I appreciate its universe, its major tournaments and its derived practices. The padel tennis that I discovered in Barcelona in 2011 is experiencing unprecedented development in France with a wide and varied audience of practitioners.

In a few words : Once the security aspect has been mastered, the supervision of physical and sporting activities remains a pleasure. I like human contact and the sharing of experiences. I sincerely hope to meet you and make you discover, make you love, accompany you during a journey of La Toupie Bleue.


"To make you discover this magnificent island that is Tenerife and to share with you my passion for my sport. Sport, relaxation and discovery, life what!"

Spoken language(s) : French, English, Spanish

Localization : Tenerife - CANARY ISLANDS - SPAIN

Diplomas in the supervision of physical and sports activities : > Educateur sportif
> secourriste
> Initiateur tennis
> monitorat padel

Sports of choice : Tennis player since I was very young, I discovered padel in 2008. In 2014 I created my partner search site In 2018 I joined the Padel Magazine team. A new passion that feeds me every day.

In a few words : The courses offered are a challenge both for the players and for me, the coach.
Little time to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each. My interest is to make players, regardless of their level, leave with a smile and the feeling of having learned padel.


"Come and discover the VAR trails with the Toupie Bleue."

Spoken language(s) : French, English, a Spanish “poco”

Localization : Draguignan - VAR

Diplomas in the supervision of physical and sports activities : > BPJEPS Activités Physique pour Tous

Sports of choice : A true jack of all trades born into a family of sportsmen (from football/handball to judo and pétanque), I am passionate about mountain biking, which I have practiced in competition since the age of 12. Specialized in mountain biking technique, the trails of the Var no longer hold any secrets for me. Much more than a "fun" and ecological means of transport, mountain biking offers vast possibilities for discovering the natural environment. From the sports circuit to the very simple course for beginners, we invite you to discover this exceptional region by going off the beaten track.

In a few words : There is no recipe for well-being, but a good dose of sport, with a magical landscape, in a warm and benevolent atmosphere, can greatly contribute to it.


"Meeting you to share our passion for Sport
through your travels."

Spoken language(s) : French English

Localization : Saint Raphael - VAR

Diplomas in the supervision of physical and sports activities : > DEUG Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives.
> Formation Randonnée côtière - Raid Aquatique – Marche Aquatique Côtière

Sports of choice : Being passionate about the world of fitness, I have been practicing CrossFit for several years. In addition, our beautiful region offers us the opportunity to practice a multitude of sports throughout the year. At the sea or in the mountains, each sport practice is for me an opportunity to learn, to discover, to travel and to have fun.

In a few words : Sport, with the values it conveys, is a great tool for encouraging encounters, discoveries and sharing. The work of supervising the practitioners must guarantee this.
So I look forward to meeting you very soon on a La Toupie Bleue trip to share this passion for sport and its values.