Remi Collat

Take a physical education and sports teacher father, a travel operator mother, add an entrepreneurial dose, a ladle of generosity, a pod of tenacity and you will get Rémi, founder of La Toupie Bleue.

Valenciennes since his early childhood, he went into exile in the Iberian Peninsula in 2011, with a DUT in Marketing Techniques as his background. He validates in the Catalan capital a STAPS Sports Management license. After a year boosted with Vitamin D, he will make another one-year stopover in Lille before starting his academic & professional tour of France (Paris; the Jura; Brittany) which will end in Fréjus in November 2016.

Trained in Sports Business techniques, he has been 5th DAN Manager of Sports Organizations in a Business School since 2014. At the same time, he has practiced commando sports animation missions in the outdoor hotel industry.

In contrast ; it was really his responsibilities as President of three sports associations, coupled with two other positions in the outdoor hotel industry that enabled him to sharpen his managerial skills.

According to the latest news from May 2017, he is working a spinning top, his spinning top, from a sea view balcony... with the aim of offering him the most fluid & durable rotation.
“La Toupie Bleue is the pleasure of creating good shared moments for you. Authentic sports travel, thought out and mastered... I want to provide you with service, ensure quality, and promise you real proximity. We look forward to talking to you to concoct a great experience that you will remember.
Rémi COLLAT Président fondateur de La Toupie Bleue