Part of the genesis of La Toupie Bleue comes straight from … Jura
04/03/2022 | News

8 years after a position as Sport and Animation Development Manager in 2014 for an SME involved in social & solidarity tourism… Rémi tells you about (his) Jura!

8 years, two Olympic cycles, a lot of ground covered after this shot at a corporate event. Joining a company when I was 16 for a student job… which when I was 23 offered me the possibility, via a post of Sports and Entertainment Development Manager, to initiate the creation of sports stays in the various establishments of the group, in France, it was great! Creating sporting stays means above all having a differentiated offer policy, with content adaptation: in terms of accommodation, in terms of proximity to places of practice, in terms of catering (…) Today, this is the daily work of La Toupie Bleue, which works as a tailor-made and turnkey sports tourism craftsman . This photo allows me to talk to you in more detail about themes that are close to my heart:


Loyalty to a company, to a partner, is a crucial subject in my eyes. The people who make up an organization must be the guarantors of customer satisfaction! Thanks to professionally committed actors, long-term relationships are created and allow employees to flourish, to evolve but also, and this is the most important thing, to retain customers who will need to find security. with people she knows, with whom she has already been able to collaborate. My mentor, he will recognize himself in this article if he reads it, trusted me very young and allowed me to develop my skills in the same company since he believed in me and had development projects strategy of the society in which we operate. It is largely for this reason that I remained faithful to this company … and I hope in my humble level to have transcribed it in the loyalty of customers that I was able to meet at the time. With La Toupie Bleue since its creation, I am committed to offering a customer experience based on trust. The loyalty of our customers is a major challenge for the development of our company, on a human scale.


In this photo I am surrounded by two "pure strain" Jura 😃, engaged in their work. Pierre-Jean on the left and Alexandre on the right worked in another department. Manuals, handymen and "enduring in the effort" (like sportsmen yes yes), I always took pleasure in sharing my lunches with them where our discussions were always very varied, as our daily missions remained very different from each other. others. Above all, they contributed to the satisfaction and continuous improvement of customer service. Transversality in the company and the continuous exchange with its indirect collaborators must be encouraged since it is a driving force. Well, sometimes you develop strong relationships between colleagues that create healthy and lasting relationships! "Alex" has been my friend since 2007, it's starting to happen! This strong bond of sharing and understanding inspires me on a daily basis in my relationship with Les Equipiers de La Toupie Bleue , who are just like me committed, passionate about sport, travel, but also about a job well done!


In 2022, back to lands that I know well, we are launching our first XC mountain bike sports stays 🚵‍♀️ in Franche-Comté (I promise the cheese won't be far 🧀) departing from and near the capital of the region of French Jura lakes. So, see you soon for invigorating & sporting news! Remi 😉🤙