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Sports travel agency, this is the best definition of La Toupie Bleue! We give impetus to sports travel. If you too have the rhythm in your skin, the taste for effort in the production and realization of trips and stays but above all the desire to surpass yourself as a team then we will be delighted to study your application.

INTERNSHIP - Join the sports travel start-up!

Are you looking for an internship in SPORT TOURISM?
So, let's meet!

Internship start date: on request.

Duration of the internship: 308 hours

Location of the internship: 1 to 2 days / week of presence in Fréjus (city of the company's head office) the rest being carried out from the VAR or the ALPES MARITIMES by teleworking
Missions: communication, work on the digital strategy, production of content on social networks; active digital watch
Bonus: minimum bonus in force + travel expenses.

Profile: Inventive, source of proposals, ability to adapt quickly, listening to the President and the expectations of the market, mastery of the specificities of social networks, enduring in the effort, proactive (…)

Type of course sought: DUT TC oriented tourism or not (2nd year) – Bachelor 3rd year in business school – 3rd year of License STAPS Sports Management – License pro STS outdoor activities and sports tourism – Master in business school or in IAE – Master STAPS + assimilated training

See you soon !

~ the impetus for sports travel ~