The encounter between sports travel<br> & the real Provence
22/05/2019 | News

As you know, since December 2017, La Toupie Bleue has set off 🌀 to take up the challenge of packaged tourist & sports travel: mastered . We are indeed players in the destinations we serve and Provence is obviously part of it since the company is based in Var. During a meeting between local Tourism stakeholders at the end of 2018, Rémi – Founding President of La Toupie Bleue discussed with Anne Cécile who was also going to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure a few weeks later. Strengthened by its connections with the actors of "real" Provence who cultivate and maintain know-how and expertise recognized well beyond our own borders, it cultivates the ambition to make you discover: Provence, timeless, simple… .. and confidential. So many orientations that "speak" to us (hopefully to you too?). Our partnership approach quickly pushed us to co-create a first "authentik" tourist & sports package that we will unveil to you the first week of June 📅. In the meantime, we make you wait by reaffirming that our desire to offer you the unexpected 💡 remains intact. What could be nicer to couple: travel, sport & tableware or gastronomy if we can say so! For sure… this day package will be emulated!