… THE "SPORTS" INITIATIVE OF THE WEEK:<br> Giving impetus to sports travel from an early age…
20/10/2021 | News

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At the dawn of hosting the Olympic Games in 3 years, the authorities of French Sport: the Ministry, the federal & associative sphere, the private sphere, the school & university sphere or even the voluntary sphere are multiplying their projects to create stimulation positive, buoyant but above all lasting. School sport, sometimes singled out for the few hours devoted to it or even by its limited means, is also trying to reinvent itself, or above all to revitalize itself thanks in particular to the personal initiatives of teachers combined with those of enthusiasts of sport that…together put positive co-creation on a pedestal. In the North of France, in the former school of Rémi , on the initiative of the school teacher, 4 volunteers who revised last week the "some 100 cars" 🚵 ♂️ of the pupils of the primary school of Valencians! A real success since the parents of students played the game of bringing back the two wheels and the children were delighted to have a mount optimized for the next 500 km! Who knows, maybe some of them will come and test their mountain bikes in the footsteps of the ROC D'AZUR as a family ? 😀 Congratulations to Valérie, Olivier (Teammate of La Toupie Bleue), Jean Luc Honoré (manager of Honore-Repar.recycl59), his friend and Jean Marie! 👍 This story of the week shows us the determining connection of the school, the associative sphere, the private world … for the creation of synergies pushing for sports practice. This strong collective achievement is similar to the main mission of LA TOUPIE BLEUE, that of giving, as you know: the impetus to sports travel!

Long live outdoor sport , long live mountain biking and long live shared sporting moments!