31/01/2019 | News

And you, what are your first holiday memories? As far back as I can remember, I remember vacations with my parents' first motorhome: a BEDFORD (for connoisseurs). Eh yes ! I had the chance to discover & criss-cross Europe in 1998. This new form of itinerant travel immediately appealed to us: my sister, my brother and me! We had the chance to leave between 6 and 7 weeks in July-August (it's still cool to have parents who are teachers). The anecdotes and "discovered treasures" are numerous, in several European countries: Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and of course Greece! If I offer you two trips to Greece in 2019 , it is not the result of chance. We went there twice in the early 2000s. This country offered me a summary that I had never found before: heavenly beaches for swimming all afternoon; internationally renowned archaeological sites with preserved charm (the foot for a lover of Greek mythology like me); an alternation of sea and mountain with breathtaking natural sites … and then of course the small local dishes including the famous "pita giros" which is an institution there and considered as a dish, not as snacking. These holidays were above all a moment of discovery and adventure. The chance we had was that we systematically found the children of friends of our parents during these holidays! Suffice to say that at our age, it was the right plan; card games, Mario Kart races on "GB advance" connected by cables or even "attacks" at chess games with your feet in the sand! AMAZING! And sport in all this? Surveying the passages of historic sites for a whole morning, resisting the waves in an inflatable buoy or running with your dog who is being chased by cows… believe me, it's sport! 😂 LESSONS: I learned during these holidays that I like to discover the unexpected. I lived with my parents on non-standard holidays: far from the main tourist routes taken by traditional tour operators. The crowd on vacation, I don't know who likes ^^ … we were looking for unique spots, authenticity, tranquility … and believe me my one & only objective in the creation of my c packages is to think and create your future memories! Holidays, sports stays on the Côte d'Azur or Barcelona: YES but differently and with a large dose of originality. Remi 😉