PADEL Moments

Our vision of the packaged padel stay:

In 2017, La Toupie Bleue became the French precursor of the creation of padel sports stays in Europe: in France, the Netherlands, and Spain (Barcelona & Tenerife).5 years later, our company is recognized for its expertise in the creation of individualized packages around padel. For a single player, with your shock buddy for an explosive pair that knows each other perfectly, for a couple, a family, friends or enthusiasts of the little yellow ball, our solutions will be adapted and in line with your expectations.

The essentials of our packages:

At a minimum, our services will include:

  • The padel internship and its technical supervision, in private and / or group lessons
  • matches against local players with a level of play allowing progression but also the pleasure of playing together
  • multi-risk insurance with extended health protection
  • accommodation (choice from private villa to apartment via resort) OR car rental with unlimited mileage with 0 deductible: in order to offer you a stay in the best conditions!

Of course, many other ancillary services can complete your trip with us: continental breakfasts, meal plans, matches with a teacher, participation in local tournaments, other sports activities, various recommendations from the company.

Our philosophy in padel coaching: 

At the beginning of the internship, we exchange together in order to get to know you better but especially to know your goal and your motivation to carry out this stay with us.

  • Courses are taught at least in French or English. Our teachers obviously speak Spanish
  • Individual and group lessons do not exceed 1h30 of practice on the court. We focus on intensive sessions. We recommend our clients to come before the session in order to prepare and warm up, even with some athletic scales and a specific muscular awakening, in order to get on the court and go directly to the practice of the technical-tactical teaching.
  • the courses ALWAYS respect a mastered didactic method where the teacher, his knowledge and the student make the sessions unique. We make our expertise in padel framing speak without imposing a philosophy of play. Each player coming with his padel background, his own physical and technical abilities, his sporting objectives and others, our desire is to give you the impetus to allow you to progress in your favorite sports practice!
  • Group lessons welcome a maximum of 3 trainees on the field in order to optimize the number of balls played and ensure a personalized follow-up of all players
  • At the end of the internship, feedback always makes it possible to formalize and note the progress and the lines of work explored.


Considered the island of eternal spring in the Canary Islands, this renowned Spanish destination has made a place for itself on the padel maplesphere. Since 2018, we offer you to take your tickets to reach the most exotic of European destinations. 4 hours from Paris, you will certainly fall under its spell! Our stays take place mainly on the south of the island in order to optimize travel between places of padel practice, beautiful beaches, many other tourist services.


This World destination is no longer to be presented. Capital of international padel with Madrid for several years, many academies and high-level athletes train there year-round. The amateur associative fabric is also very dense, with a considerable number of fields. This year, we are fortunate to have created a new partnership with a new club with quality infrastructure, pedagogical speakers and a decisive location: 30 minutes from the Spanish Steps, which also allows you to enjoy the many next to the most famous Catalan city. The padel players of the Hérault in particular appreciate this destination since in just a few hours by car, they are already at the foot of the fields.


Padel on a rock? The very famous destination in the world of tennis with the MONTE CARLO ROLEX MASTERS (ATP) has also forged a reputation in padel, with a club a few km from the principality. Considered one of the most attractive outdoor clubs in France, the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean may make you lose your mind at the change of sides! In any case, come and enjoy your passion with passionate professionals andbefore a trip to updated addresses that we will subtly distill into our solutions.

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Based on the côte d'azur since its creation, La Toupie Bleue offers you padel stays at one of the most beautiful outdoor clubs in france!
go ahead with your eyes closed, we will take care of packaging a quality modular solution for you.
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La Toupie Bleue propose depuis 2017 que vous partiez sur un sejour padel sur mesure en terres catalanes :
venez gouter à la crème catalane !
focus sur votre progression sportive, nous co-construisons votre formule de stage pour vous assurer plaisir, performance et partage.
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Notre concept innove encore plus avec du contenu singulier, attractif et détonnant : 2h de tournoi americano avec 20 minutes de supervision par notre responsable pédagogique, 6h de cours collectifs, 3h de matchs à thème avec coach ; 3h de matchs traditionnels contre des canariens et enfin 2 billets d'entrée au a1 padel open tenerife où le coach sera présent avec vous lors de l'événement international afin de commenter les prouesses des sportifs de haut niveau (...)

une semaine arrétête : du 19 au 26 août ou du 20 au 27 août 2023.

découvrez le contenu de notre package événement juste ici :

Create with us your future padel sports memories!

From 1 to 12 people ~ groups of individuals grouped together! ~

3 levels of games maximum per stay ~ from 1h30 to 3h of padel per day ~

We always offer two minimum types of accommodation per destination (amenities, cost …)