3 days in the most beautiful canyons of SpainFor the weekend of the ascent, head for the majestic canyons of Spain.

La Toupie Bleue takes you to discover the "Sierra de Guara" 3 hours from Barcelona, a marvel of nature: a mixture of limestone and conglomerate rocks, crossed by "rios".

Playground for adventurers in search of sensations and surpassing oneself, its deep ravines, its canyons and its gorges will delight purists.

Sports theme : Fun Moments


Aparthotel Double room basis

Ideal for

Adventurers / Sportsmen


High Physical condition test carried out beforehand

Dates of stay

Of the 20 at 24 May 2020

Length of stay

5 days / 4 nights 3 days of canyoning

Number of people

Confirmed from 7 registered

Course of the stay:


Our team of two team members will take care of you as soon as you arrive in Barcelona. Once the group has arrived at their destination, we will take the direction of Rodellar in a 9-seater minibus.


It starts with LE RIO FORNOCAL, a 4-hour ride, ideal for a first experience, or to regain your canyoning sensations, after the winter break, and indulge in the joys of white water, abseiling and de-escalation in all security.

Small flow for this creek. Narrow, winding gorge, set between high walls of beautiful alabaster, which suddenly gives way to a conglomerate of pebbles welded into an arena. We are already at the heart of our subject: A LEAP OUT OF TIME, in which we expect to come across Magdalenian hunters in pursuit of a red deer, the representation of which they have painted, in ocher, on a wall Close. Moreover, a visit is essential, to this ROCK PAINTING, 2 steps away… lost in the pampas, mysteriously spared despite the passage of time and other men; Roman, Visigoth, Saracen civilisations; always there, in its rock shelter, in the open air for…18000 YEARS…


  • 4h, approach walks and return 1h
  • Highest abseil: 12 m
  • Verticality 3
  • Aquaticity 2
  • Commitment 4, on scales of 7 maximum.


On the way in the BARRANCO FONDO and its “OSCUROS” (narrow and deep passages) in which we let ourselves slide, to discover the rounded shapes of its puddingstone … this rock formation of pebbles welded together by a natural cement. We are gradually losing the light of our solar star, of which the sierra is never stingy.

We weave through the humid and deep meanders dug by erosion. The silence there is penetrating; only murmur: the drop by drop of a few resurgences. Finally, we perceive the hum of the torrent. Then suddenly, we find the light, in the bright silver brilliance of the RIO BALCES. Along its course we will let ourselves be carried away, gently, before approaching a welcoming bank to follow the path of return. A day of 5 hours, 8 abseiling descents on ropes, and a few minutes of swimming.


  • 4h, approach and return walks: 1h
  • Highest abseil: 20 m
  • Verticality 4
  • Aquaticity 1
  • Commitment 4 on scales of 7 maximum.


To FINISH IN BEAUTY, this triptych, you cannot miss it, hidden at the bottom of its limestone gorges, 3 hours away on foot.

To get there, you start by going up part of its lower gorges, to its limestone AIGUILLE DE ROCHE, erected like the obelisk of Luxor. We rise on their sides, admiring their spectacular walls, carved over millions of years by the runoff of the rains.

Then we cross the old village of OTIN, before finding the start of the aquatic course: the first basin, the first jump, then immediately after, the first abseil, which will take us into this majestic landscape. We are a long way from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona's "rambla". Not the slightest trail of aircraft in the sky, not a breath of air. The sound of the stream flowing into the emerald basins and running over the orange limestone slabs. Water and light merge to reflect on the walls and give the rock all its color contrasts. An unforgettable day that will end in the typical village of Rodellar where our accommodation is located.


  • 5h, approach and return walks 4h
  • Highest abseil: 20m
  • Verticality 3
  • Aquaticity 3
  • Commitment 3, for maximum scales of 7.


Return to Barcelona by minibus. Arrival on site for 12h maximum.

The cycle of your stay


  • Round-trip transfer between Barcelona & Rodellar in a 9-seater mini-bus
  • Gasoline, parking and other costs of mini-buses
  • 4 nights in an aparthotel; double bedroom base; individual beds
  • Accommodation equipped with an equipped kitchenette: hob & microwave
  • Accommodation with small garden or balcony
  • Accommodation located not far from a supermarket
  • Bedding and bath towels
  • 4 sports breakfasts
  • Full equipment for canyoning: slippers, wetsuits, harnesses, helmets
  • The presence of at least one team member from the beginning to the end of the stay
  • The supervision of the 3 days in the canyon by 2 qualified team members experienced in these canyons and both speaking French
  • Multi-risk insurance including health protection related to COVID-19
  • Telephone assistance in France 24 hours a day for the duration of the stay

Do not understand

  • Transport between your home & Barcelona; same for the return
  • Your hiking boots with lug soles
  • Gloves
  • 2 microfiber technical towels
  • Spare business
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the box "what the cycle includes"


  • Your hiking boots with lug soles
  • Canyoning gloves
  • 2 technical microfiber towels minimum
  • Spare business

We will make a complete point with you at the time of the reservation


Based on 7 people:

  • 4 people per accommodation; shared room: 790 €
  • 3 people per accommodation; single room: 880 €
  • 2 people per accommodation; single room: €980

Based on 10 people:

  • 4 people per accommodation; shared room: 720 €
  • 3 people per accommodation; single room: €810
  • 2 people per accommodation; single room: 900 €

Based on 12 people:

  • 4 people per accommodation; shared room: 680 €
  • 3 people per accommodation; single room: 750 €
  • 2 people per accommodation; single room: 820 €


  • Possibility of dinner at the restaurant of the establishment for 16 € / person: 3 courses, 1/4 of wine, water)
  • Any other additional request that would be validated by us

Information and reservations

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