Welcome to Spain!

Spain is a sunny destination where the holidays very often go well! Whether in mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, you have (certainly) already fallen under the spell of their way of life turned towards the outside where it is as good to bask as to practice a physical activity outdoors where in a quality structure.

Destination recognized for the realization of technical sports courses: Mountain biking, Golf, Tennis, Trail, wave sports, La Toupie Bleue wishes you to discover it in its own way:

  • Land of padel: Considered as the 2nd most practiced sport in terms of number of licensees behind football and ahead of tennis, padel delights young and old, novices as well as experienced players. It is really thanks to the practice of padel in Spain that this sport has developed in Europe.
  • In Catalonia: With Barcelona as its capital, Catalonia is a tourist destination that tends to promote new forms of tourism in order to reconcile year-round local life and the presence of international tourists. Region – Very dynamic "Generalitat", it will surprise you far beyond the Sagrada Familia or other Gaudi achievements. Its heights with MontSerrat, Tarragona, Sitges are some examples of spots to discover at very specific times of the year.
  • Easily accessible: By road as well as by air, Spain is very well served, which makes it easy to get around. For your journeys from your place of accommodation or for your itinerant stay, we will be delighted to offer you rental vehicles from our partner companies in our packages.
  • For all audiences: Groups of athletes, friends, family will find their happiness in the most famous country of the Iberian Peninsula! Spain has been betting for several decades to maintain its tourist infrastructure while offering customer experiences in line with several clienteles.
Our proposal in this Iberian country

La Toupie Bleue is a French incoming tour operator that has been creating, marketing and supporting its own sports trips to Spain since 2017.

Backpackers, Tourism & Sport professionals, anxious to offer non-stereotyped stays, we strive to concoct attractive formulas for individuals or groups:

  • Accommodation meeting the compromise: quality service with good bedding, good amenities, comfort, location and optimized price
  • Tested and quality services
  • Guided program, free or à la carte
  • Original and attractive sports activities
  • Specific dedicated formulas: with family or friends, between athletes of the same practice, or even between colleagues.

If you are French, using our services will allow you to overcome the potential language "barrier" with local Spaniards.

Our Team Members all speak at least Spanish and French, so go for it!

Formalities & health news

ENTRY ON THE TERRITORY: Spain, as a member country of the European Union allows European nationals to enter its territory with a national identity card. It is important to note that an expired national identity card compromises entry into the territory (exception made for national identity cards issued to adults between January 2004 and December 2013). A passport can also be used to validate your stay on site.

In the event of loss or theft of your travel document, the airlines may require a consular pass issued by a competent body.

COVID 19: All accurate updated information can be found here.

Why Spain?

First for studies at the Faculty of Sports in Barcelona in 2011 and then for work, Rémi spent two years in Hispanic immersion. It is therefore quite natural that we suggest you discover in a controlled way: Catalonia, the Sierra de Guara, Andalusia or even Tenerife.

Catalonia is full of nuggets to unearth both to delight your taste buds and to enjoy a successful holiday! Come and taste in our best addresses “unas ensaïmadas de las Baleares” for breakfast, a real Catalan cream at noon and a local drink with some tapas in the evening! This region lives for Sport, and no doubt you can find some new game partners!

Tenerife, we discovered it in 2018 and instantly decided to offer it in our tourist and sports packages: a real crush. Much more than a seaside destination appreciated for its coast, we want you to discover another Tenerife, greener, wilder, more authentic with activities on sites that may be less known but less frequented… after all, it is not pleasant to leave the crowd, to breathe the pure air of a primary forest or to bathe in two types of swimming pools: that of your accommodation and the other called natural on unique spots to cut the breath ?

Andalusia, Rémi really discovered it during a 15-day road trip there in 2019. Since then, he can only invite you to discover this exotic autonomous community, with its history resulting from the mixture of several civilizations.

Finally, the Sierra de Guara is one of our destinations when we market a daunting canyoning package. Lovers of practice let themselves be guided along the water, jumps after jumps, abseiling and between enthusiasts in spectacular gorges.