… the story goes that Rémi was an animator!
30/07/2019 | News

In 2011, no more rubber boots! Thanks to my sports educator card, I joined the world of animation: the service of a tourist establishment which must bring this pep's, this madness but also this originality. The entertainment service, in conjunction with all the other services, has the fabulous mission of entertaining, surprising & punctuating holiday moments for a wide audience with varied expectations. Let me tell you about my three most beautiful memories as a facilitator: Organizing an Olympics evening 🏆 every fortnight for 20 people with 1000 spectators in fusion around the place of the sports events (multi-sport field; central square; swimming pool ; stage)Take the microphone on stage 🎤 every evening at 8 p.m. to launch the 3 village dances that brought together all the families of the campsite Organize & manage alone a beach football tournament evening for 50 people How proud to be animator! This position where you are constantly in the spotlight pushed me to transcend myself in my animations, in my daily work. I gave myself fully and with joy in tasks that required much more than mere organizational, imaginative or linguistic skills. The photo you see there dates from 2013 when after two seasons as a sports animator I became animation assistant. Discovering the pleasures of management, boosting team dynamics, directing events: a delight. It was a pleasure to put on my work clothes (recognized by all) with my badge and proudly represent the colors of my employer. This experience really allowed me to discover this strong & not obsolete principle of loyalty of an employee vis-à-vis his employer. This 2013 season became my 5 th summer season on the same tourist establishment & was going to allow me to consolidate a professional project with a year-round job in stride as Sport & Animation Development Manager. Who would have told me that in 2008, a maintenance position would open the doors to a one-year CDD 5 years later? Not many people… A manager in 2008 recruited me and allowed me to improve my skills while giving me responsibilities and believing in myself. LESSONS: Meetings can change a career: YES. Experiences allow you to gain experience: YES! … But regular work that lasts over time can “open unexpected doors”! "Put the seeds of your work now to reap the fruits (after) tomorrow". Remi 😉